How to organize a translation day local event

We would like to invite all WordPress polyglots and Meetup organizers to be part of WordPress Translation Day 4!
Local events make up an important half of this event, along with 24-hour live streaming sessions. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy – if two people are translating together at a coffee shop for a couple of hours, that’s a perfect WordPress Translation Day event.

Organize an event in your town or for your locale

Step 1

Find a venue with Wi-Fi connection (e.g. donated office space, rental meeting space, co-working space…). Optionally, you can host an online event using local team Slack or other means if getting together in one place is difficult.

Step 2

WordPress Meetup Chapter organizers: On the “Create an event” screen, click “Start from a template” link on the right sidebar. Edit the event title (include your location and possibly locale), date/time/duration, and event description then publish the Event Creation Screen. Event Creation Screen

WordPress Meetup Chapter members: Any member of WordPress Chapter Meetup groups can organize an event for their group and are encouraged to do so. Talk to one of the organizers at your chapter and have them create an event or assign you an “Event Organizer” role, and follow the instruction above for organizers.

New? Interested in starting a WordPress Meetup Chapter? You can find more information here. But if you just want to have a one-off event for this Translation Day, that’s ok too. Create/announce an event elsewhere using this template.

Step 3

Submit our “Call for Local Events” form to let us know about your events! That’s it. We will be adding your Meetup location to a map on this website, keep an eye on the update!

To help us include your event on the website, we would appreciate receiving your event form by 4 May 2019.