What is WPTranslationDay 3?

WPTranslationDay 3 is a 24-hour global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, plugins).

It’s a unique and innovative event, a cool mix of digital and physical: the international community of the WP Polyglots will meet at the same time locally and digitally for a 24-hour translating marathon that will provide inspiration and training to both coders and translators on localizing and internationalizing through live talks and local meetups.

And this year the celebration is double: September 30 has also been designated as International Translation Day by the United Nations!

Where is WPTranslationDay 3?

WPTranslationDay 3 is ... well, everywhere! In the 24 hours from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC of September 30, 2017 a series of live sessions will be aired live via Crowdcast.

The sessions, offered in the local languages, will provide information, training, inspiration, case studies, Q&A sessions and more on the WordPress ecosystem: a “global Polyglots chorus” that will run from East to West, as the time zones roll out.

The live events (available on this website) are paired with physical meetups that volunteers can join locally, to add conviviality and support to the experience (and, if at all possible, fall a little more in love with the Community).

When is WPTranslationDay 3?

WPTranslationDay 3 will be from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on September 30, 2017. To help you get ready, here's the countdown to kick off:

Cool! How do I get involved?

So, don’t make other plans for Saturday September 30 2017 and hop on: your local Polyglots team is waiting for you to get involved and chime in!

If you can, join other volunteers in your local community (usually, this turns into a fun occasion to meet other WordPress lovers and to learn more about the platform and the Community) or, if you prefer, join us online... but either way: join the fun and help us make WordPress inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

Below are the links to our social net presence, to the International Slack channel and to the Polyglots’ page on the official WordPress.org site. Joining the coolest Community in the Universe is only a click away... So don’t wait a second longer!

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