Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get involved if I only speak English?

Yes! Even if you only speak English, it would be great to get involved and check out some of the English locale variants – English, as spoken in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa has many variants and you can learn about these differences, and why it’s important that users have the option to choose what they are most familiar with. And if you’re in a funky mood, you can give a try to translating the interface into “Emoji” or “Pirate”! Yes, there are ambitious people preparing WordPress versions for these locales, and they would welcome a helping hand!

How can I join and help you?

Translate – Just join us on September 30th in your own time zone and translate WordPress or your favorite plugins and themes to your language at and perhaps even see your translation go live on your own WordPress site.

Follow the live sessions at

Organize a local event – put your name down for organizing an event and fill in your local events details in the form on (Check existing events on the site)

Organize a remote event – Are you available from a remote location or organizing a remote event? Then put your name down in the “Remote events” tab on the GWTD3 org spreadsheet

Join the organizing team of Global WordPress Translation Day –  simply join the dedicated slack channel!

Speak – Become a speaker during Global WordPress Translation Day – suggest a topic by filling this short survey

Promote – spread the word share within your social networks. Please tag it #WPTranslationDay


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