Call for speakers – Speak at Global WordPress Translation Day 3

Global WordPress Translation Day will be on September, 30th, 2017. If you would like to use the live-streaming to speak about localization or internationalization, or if you’d like to present the work of your translation team, please fill out this short survey. Thank you!

Try to use an address associated with your Gravatar profile, if you have one (or register a profile there now).
If you have a profile, please indicate your username here. If not, why not create one?
If you don’t have one, that’s ok, but we highly encourage you to become a member of the official WordPress Slack team and join the channel #Polyglots – it will help our communication. Start at
Tell us about yourself, your professional experience, personal interests and why you think you can make a valuable contribution for our audience.
Keep it short!
Briefly describe the problem you’re going to address and the key takeaways for the audience from your talk.
Even if your topic covers more than one of these groups, please choose one as a primary
If you don’t yet have one that’s still ok, use the “Other” option to let us know what your expertise is and why you think your talk will be a good fit for GWTD 3
Would you like to receive a copy of the submitted data sent by e-mail?
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