Community Media Assets

Dear Community members these are the visual assets we have prepared for you to use to promote the Sept. 30th event and to show your pride in being involved with it. Feel free to download and add them to your websites/social media!

We ask you to help us by sharing the official tag: #WPTranslationDay and the link to this website along with the image, to raise visibility on the project, on the Community and on the fabulous work the WP Polyglots do every day to improve accessibility and availability of the WordPress platform and ecosystem.


Twitter images
Instagram images

Twitter Cover

personal TW Cover

FaceBook Cover

personal FB Cover


Organizer Badge RD
Organizer Badge RD
Organizer Badge SQ
Organizer Badge SQ
Speaker Badge RD
Speaker Badge RD
Speaker Badge SQ
Speaker Badge SQ
Translator Badge RD
Translator Badge RD
Translator Badge SQ
Translator Badge SQ


Badges in French can be downloaded here

POSTERS (printable resolution) – TABLOID, VERTICAL

Poster WPTD3 - Vertical Tabloid - Light
Vertical Tabloid – Light
Poster WPTD3 - Vertical Tabloid - Dark
Vertical Tabloid – Dark
Poster WPTD3 - Vertical Tabloid - Blue
Vertical Tabloid – Blue

POSTERS (printable resolution) – TABLOID, HORIZONTAL

Poster WPTD3-Horizontal Tabloid-Light
Horizontal Tabloid – Light
Poster WPTD3-Horizontal Tabloid-Dark
Horizontal Tabloid – Dark
Poster WPTD3-Horizontal Tabloid-Blue
Horizontal Tabloid – Blue

POSTERS (printable resolution) – A3, VERTICAL

Poster WPTD3-Vertical A3 - Light
Vertical A3 – Light
Poster WPTD3-Vertical A3 - Blue
Vertical A3 – Blue
Poster WPTD3-Vertical A3 - Dark
Vertical A3 – Dark

POSTERS (printable resolution) – A3, HORIZONTAL

Poster WPTD3-Horizontal A3 - Light
Horizontal A3 – Light
Poster WPTD3-Horizontal A3 - Dark
Poster WPTD3-Horizontal A3 – Dark
Poster WPTD3-Horizontal A3 - Blue
Horizontal A3 – Blue


Slide master files are available for PowerPoint (58 MB) and Keynote (60 MB).

Files can be downloaded at the following links: PowerPoint, Keynote

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