First Italian WordPress Translation Day mini-event

Banner with wapuu for the Italian WordPress Translation Day Mini-event on Sat 25 July 2020

Let’s translate! The Italian WordPress community will be doing just this on Saturday 25 July 2020. You can join them and be part of this first Italian WordPress Translation Day mini event. 

Celebrating WordPress in Italian, the event will run from 9am to 1pm CEST (7am to 11am UTC). The four hour translation sprint will be run using video-conferencing platform Zoom and the Italian WordPress Slack.

This is now the third mini-event under the banner of #WPTranslationDay in 2020!

Luisa Ravelli, one of the organizers, said: “It will be a great experience for all enthusiastic polyglots in the Italian community.”

She added: “I’ve been a Polyglot since 2018 and I think our work lets many people use WordPress in an easier way.”

Naoko Takano, Global Polyglot Mentor and member of the WordPress Translation Day Team, said: “We’re always inspired to see how active and helpful the Italian WordPress translation community is. We look forward to learning from their own mini-Translation Day experience!”

Who will be there to support translators?

There will be at least four General Translation Editors (GTEs) present for the entire event. Luisa Ravelli, Laura Sacco, Lidia Pellizzaro and Stefano Cassone will be there to welcome new and more experienced contributors to the Italian Polyglots team. They hope to be joined by other GTEs, together with other experienced members.

Luisa Ravelli said: “Attending a translation event helps you get to  know people from so many different backgrounds. It’s a big chance to enhance your translations and to be part of a great project like WordPress.”


The event schedule

The event will start with an explanation of the WordPress Polyglots world. It will then focus on the efforts on two goals:

  • translation of the WordPress 5.5 Release
  • mentoring of new translators

How do I join?

The organizers invite new and existing contributors who are fluent in English and Italian to register on the Italian WordPress community Slack:

Information about the registration process is available at: .

Contributors are also invited to join the translating team on Thursdays at 7pm CEST (5pm UTC) for the weekly meetings. These take place on the Italian WordPress Slack.

How big is the Italian Polyglot WordPress community?

The Italian Polyglot team is very active and welcoming. It has:

  • seven active General Translation Editors (GTE)
  • more than 170 Project Translation Editors (PTE)
  • more than 2,700 contributors

The contributors translate the core for every release and their goal is to translate the 200 most used plugins and themes.

They try to involve as many people as possible and have a mentorship program to help new contributors become PTE for their preferred projects.

How can I get involved with translating WordPress 5.5

Join the Italian mini-event! Or get together online with WordPress friends and translate some strings. It is available now. Find out more in Dominik Schilling’s post.

Naoko added: “You can also ask people to test 5.5 beta around block editor in different languages.”

What other mini-WordPress Translation Day events have taken place?

Encouraging the translation of WordPress into Bengali, May 2020

French polyglots put on translation day event, April 2020

When will the Global WordPress Translation Day take place?

The Global #WPTranslationDay team is considering options for bringing polyglots together and to recruit new contributors. In the meantime, it is working with locales on a number of mini events in local communities. If your local area is considering running an event, contact the WordPress Translation Day team via our Twitter account as early as you can.

Naoko said: “While the next Global Translation Day is in a pre-planning stage, it’s great to see locale teams taking an initiative to get together and translate.”

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More information on becoming a WordPress polyglot


You can help translating WordPress to your language at any time. Just log in to the translation platform with your account, and suggest translations.

Thanks to Abha Thakor from the WordPress Translation Day team for the article and reporting on the events, and to Luisa Ravelli, and Lidia Pellizzaro for interviews for this story.