Local Events

If your locale team or meetup group is planning a translation contribution mini-event, don’t forget to submit it using this form (more information).


Portuguese Translation Team

Locale Name – (Portugal) / pt_PT
Event Date – September 9, 2021
Event Time21:00-23:00 UTC+1 (20:00-22:00 UTC)
Organizer – Pedro Mendonça

During this event, you will learn how to contribute to the Portuguese translation of WordPress and your favorite Themes and Plugins. Come and join the Portuguese Translation team!

Italian Translation Team

Locale Name – Italian / it_IT
Event Date – September 9, 16, and 23, 2021
Event Time19:00 UTC+2 (17:00 UTC)
Organizers – Luisa Ravelli

They are going to have a very short presentation of their work followed by a live translation session.

WordPress Moscow

Locale Name – Russian / ru_RU
Event Date – September 11, 2021
Event Time12:00-15:00 UTC+3 (9:00-12:00 UTC)
Organizer – Denis Yanchevskiy

They will choose a popular plugin or theme and try to translate it together in real-time on a YouTube stream. Participants will be able to communicate and ask questions using the chat in Discord.

Portsmouth WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – English (UK) / en_UK
Event Date – September 15, 2021
Event Time19:00 BST UTC+1 (18:00 UTC)
Organizers – Herb Miller and Abha Thakor

During this meetup event, there will be a discussion about translating WordPress and why its is important, examples of how it is translated in other languages, and brief demonstrations of how to get started. There will also be an opportunity to try translating together some plugins, which attendees can return to and translate themselves. 

French Translation Team

Locale Name – French (France) / fr_FR
Event Date – September 24, 2021
Event Time14:00-19:00 UTC+2 (12:00-17:00 UTC)
Organizer – JB Audras, FX Bénard, Didier Demory, Jenny Dupuy and other contributors to the french community

Welcome and self-introduction of participants, presentation of the French team, and the translate.wordpress.org tool. Choice of projects by the participants and live translation and validation of the contributor suggestions, questions, and answers. Fun quiz. Links to the slideshows will be shared with all participants as they join us.

Belarus WP Translation Day Online

Locale Name – Belarusian / bel
Event Date – September 24, 2021
Event Time15:00-18:00 UTC+3 (12:00-15:00 UTC)
Organizer – Vitali Mayerau

They will translate the wpvivid plugin into Belarusian. Show & tell you how to translate WordPress plugins and themes, and how to start translating into your native language.

Larissa WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Greek/el
Event Date – September 26, 2021
Organizer – Evangelos Athanasiadis

A presentation on how to set up themes/plugins to be WP translation-ready.

WordPress Sevilla

Locale Name – Spanish (Spain) / es_ES
Event Date – September 29, 2021
Event Time18:00 UTC+2 (16:00 UTC)
Organizers – Mariano Pérez, Nilo Vélez

They will contribute with a local event in person if you like or online if you want. It consists of getting together to translate WordPress in the tool that the project has for it.

Bulgarian Translation Team

Locale Name – Bulgarian / bg_BG
Event Date – September 30, 2021
Event Time16:00 UTC+3 (13:00 UTC)
Organizers – Vladimir Vassilev

They will start with an intro for the beginner translators and those who have not been onboarded to the locale guidelines and usual way of writing and testing translations efficiently. Then they will focus on translating as much as possible from WordPress Core, WooCommerce, and any other significant project that we pick on the spot.

Bucharest WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Romanian / ro_RO
Event Date – September 30, 2021
Event Time19:00 – 21:00 UTC+3 (16:00 UTC)
Organizers – Alex Bordei

They will be having a little workshop, starting with a 30 minutes presentation about how you can contribute.

WordPress Meetup Berlin

Locale Name – German / de_DE
Event Date – September 30, 2021
Event Time19:00 – 23:00 UTC+2 (17:00 UTC)
Organizers – Bernhard Kau

They will be translating plugins and themes together.

South America

Brazilian Community

Locale Name – Portuguese (Brazil) / pt_BR
Event Date – September 17, 2021, and September 18, 2021
Organizers – Felipe Santos, Allyson Souza, and other Brazilian community contributors

The Brazilian community has always been involved in the Translation Day events! By 2021, it will have 24 hours of translations and share knowledge, and onboarding, new contributors. It will start on Friday evening with an opening and a presentation showing how contributors can take their first steps. It will then move to a Zoom room where help will be able for translations. Its Slack channel and blog will be open for questions, glossary improvements, and PTE requests.


Jakarta WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Indonesian / id_ID
Event Date – September 1-30,2021
Event Time – Flexible hours
Organizers – Agus Muhammad, Ascencia Fike, Devin Maeztri, Dedy Sofyan, Irfan Nurhamid, Ivan Kristianto, Kharis Sulistiyono, Robi Erwin Setiawan.

The team has been trying to invite more participants by translating popular plugins. Those plugin names are mentioned in the event’s description to make clear what new contributors will be doing the events. In addition, some GTEs will be working on glossaries, reducing queues in the Waiting list, documentations, and new GTE onboarding.

Tokyo WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Japanese / ja
Event Date – September 5-12, 2021
Event Time – Zoom meeting will be at 15:00-16:30 UTC+9 (4:00-5:30 UTC) on Sunday, September 5.
Organizers – Naoko Takano and Akira Tachibana

They are having a week-long translation contribution event, like last year. There will be a Zoom meeting at the beginning and a Slack coworking session on Friday.

Kochi WordPress Meetup, Trivandrum WordPress Meetup, Kozhikode WordPress Meetup, Palakkad WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Malayalam / ml_IN
Event Date – September 11, 2021, and September 25, 2021
Event TimeSeptember 11, 18:00-19:00 UTC+5:30 (12.30 – 13.30 UTC) , and September 25, 10:00-4:00 UTC+5:30(4.30 UTC – 11.30 UTC)
Organizer – Hari Shanker, Bigul Malayi, Aravind Ajith, Nebu John, Ajith R N, Jose Varghese, Nithin K R

On September 11, they will be having a short session for new contributors, introducing them to WordPress translations and giving them an overview of things. On September 25 they plan to organize a full-day translation sprint, contributors will be spending the entire month translating WordPress and approving new strings. Their goal is to get the Malayalam (ml_IN) locale to at least 90% completed for the 5.8 Project.

Ajmer WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Hindi / hi_IN
Event Date – September 18, 2021
Event Time15:00-18:00 UTC+5:30 (11:30-14:30 UTC)
Organizer – Anand Upadhyay

The plan is to encourage some users for contributing to polyglots, and try to fill the missing translations for Hindi Locale in WordPress core and various themes and plugins.

Bengaluru WordPress Meetup Group

Locale Name – Kannada / kn
Event Date – September 18, 2021 & September 25, 2021
Organizer – SURESHA N

On the first Saturday, they will be onboarding new contributors to get them ready to contribute the next Saturday. They are planning to encourage a wide range of participants, including high school students.

WordPress Bangkok Meetup

Locale Name – Thai / th
Event Date – September 18-19, 2021
Event Time13:00-18:00 UTC+7 (6:00-11:00 UTC)
Organizers – Pantip Treerattanapitak

The team arranges a weekend dedicated to translating WordPress Projects. We are planning to work together on WordPress Core on Saturday, and WooCommerce on Sunday. During the event will have a discussion panel, onboarding session for new members, workshop, and wrap-up to celebrate our achievements.

WordPress Kathmandu

Locale Name – Nepali / ne_NP
Event Date – September 25, 2021
Event Time11:00-14:00 UTC+5:45(5.15 UTC – 9:15 UTC)
Organizer – WordPress Kathmandu, utsavsinghrathour

Briefing and training session of around half an hour at first and then they’ll move into translating the core.

Taoyuan WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Chinese (Taiwan) / zh_TW
Event Date – September 25, 2021
Event Time13:00-16:00 UTC+8(4.30 UTC – 11.30 UTC)
Organizer – Huanyi Chuang, Hend Chen, Green Yang, Kai Shao, Flies Yan, Joey Hsu

They will have a 30-min style guide tutorial by the GTE and will have people try to localize the handbook documents on Make WordPress.

Dhaka WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Bengali (Bangladesh) / bn_BD
Event Date – September 25, 2021
Event Time19:00-21:00 UTC+6 (13:00-15:00 UTC)
Organizers – Sekander Badsha and Mehedi Hassan

The team will share with the participants the basic idea of contributing on WordPress, how to contribute to the localization/translation project, and getting plugins and themes ready for translation.

Tehran WordPress Meetup

Locale Name – Persian / fa_IR
Event Date – September 26, 2021
Event Time11:00-13:00 UTC
Organizers – Morteza Geransayeh and Saeed Fard

The team will be focusing on onboarding new contributors and review.