Global Events

For WordPress Translation Day 2021, we will host a number of global, core events from September 17 to September 30, 2021. These events will be held in English, and anyone is welcome. Whether you’re organizing a local Translation Day mini-event or are just getting started, we welcome you to join us for these global events.

Participate live

Celebrate WordPress Translation Day 2021 by joining these streaming events via the WordPress Marketing Team’s YouTube channel (opens in new tab).

Introduction to WordPress Translation

Friday, September 17, at 10:00 UTC (Google calendar | iCal)

We start the global events with a video on how to translate WordPress, while also reminding folks of all upcoming events. There will also be a short presentation on translation stats, along with some discussion and fun activities.

Right after this session at 11:00 UTC, we will be organizing a ‘drop-in’ translation sprint, open to all, on Zoom. Anyone can join and hang out with your Polyglots friends from all around the world and translate WordPress in your own language, virtually! Please register for the Zoom link.

The panel will include translators Petya Raykovska, one of the Global Polyglots Team Mentors, and Community Wrangler Erica Varlese.

Panel on Polyglots Tools

Sunday, September 19, at 12:00 UTC (Google calendar | iCal)

Join Jesús AmieiroPeter SmitsVlad Timotei, and Vibgy Joseph to talk about the tools they’ve contributed to or developed to help translators and translation editors. Each speaker will share a brief introduction to their tool, their inspiration, and how others can use or contribute to these resources.

Panel on Open Source Translation Communities

Tuesday, September 21, at 11:00 UTC (Google calendar | iCal)

Join Zé Fontainhas (WordPress), Ali Darwich (WordPress), Michal Stanke (Mozilla), and Satomi Tsujita (Hyperledger Fabric) to hear about their experiences with open-source translations, how translations work in their communities, and their perspectives on community building for translation teams.

Finale Event – Why do you translate?

Thursday, September 30, at 16:00 UTC (Google calendar | iCal)

The closing party will have a recap of some WordPress Translation Day events, highlighting important stats and sharing success stories. It will also be an opportunity for sharing Polyglots contributor stories and anecdotes.

Right after the closing party, at 17:15 UTC we will host an after-party on zoom which will be open to all – join us for 30 minutes of fun and games to celebrate the success of the WordPress Translation Day! Please register for the Zoom link.

Participate on Slack

To participate in these activities, you will need to join Make WordPress Slack first.

Make Community team documentation available in your language.

From September 20 to 24.

Have you ever wished that you could share Community team resources with others in your language? Now is your chance to help. Review this guide on how to start, including updating your locale’s managers or editors, and/or join the #community-events from September 20 to 24, 2021 to collaborate or ask any questions.

Help subtitle Learn WordPress workshops.

On September 29 at 10:00 UTC.

The Training team is working together with the Polyglots team to host a guided sprint on how to translate video workshops hosted on

Help onboard new locales for translation.

From September 17 to 30.

Did you know that new locales can be added to If you’re an experienced Polyglots contributor and want to help with new locale requests, learn more about how to contribute.

Join a discussion group.

Multiple dates.

Whether you’re a new contributor or an experienced translation editor looking to grow your community, you can join one of the Learn WordPress discussion groups to discuss topics in the Polyglots Training course. This is a great opportunity to share your experience with others, too!

Participate in your own time

If you’re unable to join a live WordPress Translation Day global or mini-event, don’t worry! You can still participate. Here are some ideas for projects you can contribute to throughout these few weeks and beyond.

Don’t forget to share what you’re working on!

Feel free to drop a note in #polyglots-events on MakeWordPress Slack or Tweet about your translation using #WPTranslationDay as your hashtag.