Local Event Recaps

WordPress Translation Day 2021 included local, mini-events in more than 20 different locales and language communities. Through these local events, new contributors are able to find hands-on mentorship with experienced contributors in their communities, and they provide an invaluable opportunity for local communities to connect face-to-face.

Below you will find some highlights shared with the global WordPress Translation Day 2021 organizing team by some of the local event organizers. As more updates come in, we will add them to this page. You can also read some more of the event recaps on Twitter at @TranslateWP.



Local organizer, Devin Maeztri, share a picture of her screen on translate.wordpress.org and her cat during the Indonesian event.

We hope our work during this year’s event can help improve the way we translate as a team, increase the quality of our translation and appeal to more contributors in the future!

This year is the second time the Indonesian Polyglot team participated in WordPress Translation Day. We decided to try a different format. Instead of a sprint, we held a translation marathon for a full month.

We have been able to attract new contributors. At least five additional people joined our polyglot channel, and they have translated some plugins.

Some General Translation Editors (GTEs) have also participated actively, through approving strings, pushing for Meta Projects to be 100% translated, clearing old waiting and fuzzy strings, creating an entry for new terms, fixing bugs, and more.

Written by Devin Maeztri


A screenshot showing participants in the Bengali mini-event on Zoom during WordPress Translation Day 2021.

WordPress Translation Day for the bn_BD (Bengali) locale was held on September 25th, in a video conference.

It was a casual event and we focused on discussion and sharing our localization philosophy with the attendees. All the attendees introduced themselves. We also shared the status of WP Translations in bn_BD, how we can contribute to WordPress, and how WordPress translations work

bn_BD locale also got some new young contributors who have submitted/contributed to translations for the first time. GTE’s were also there and reviewed some translations immediately and provided feedback.

Written by Mehedi Hasan


A screenshot of the participants in the Hindi mini-translation event on Zoom.

WordPress translation month started with full-on excitement and enthusiasm. Ajmer WordPress Meetup group also contributed to translating WordPress into Hindi (hi_IN) language.

The WPTD of hi_IN was on September 18, 2021, in a video conference. The event started with attendees introducing themselves. Then we shared a brief intro about WordPress translation and its current statistics of all locales, followed by a demo about how to translate WordPress into hi_IN and how locale works.

The event was fantastic. We were around eight people in the count, and most of them were from Ajmer’s local WordPress community. A few of them joined us from other cities in India. And, yes, two of them were first-time contributors, and they were pretty much excited to be a part of the amazing WordPress community. They were eager to translate WP into Hindi and explore other contribution opportunities as well. 

We contributed to WordPress Core and meta projects. Approximately 150+ strings were translated and, out of those, 100+ were approved simultaneously. We also approved 50+ previous waiting strings.

After the event, we continued our contribution to the Hindi language, and Learn WordPress website strings (available on GlotPress) are now 85% translated into hi_IN.

We want to thank Global organizers for organizing WordPress translation Month and contributors who joined and helped us translate WordPress into Hindi (hi_IN).

Written by Anand Upadhyay


The WordPress Translation Day 2021 banner for the Tokyo WordPress Meetup mini-translation event.

The Japanese locale mini-translation event was kicked off on a Zoom call on the 5th of September 2021. Some volunteers are starting to translate the Plugin Developer Handbook and part of Theme Developer Handbook – we also onboarded two new translators.

For the month of September, we are contributing casually every Friday night, “moku moku” style, translating WordPress documents and plugins. What’s “moku moku”?

“Moku moku (もくもく)” is an onomatopoeia describing quietness. In the tech culture in Japan, “moku moku kai” (= quiet meetup) is a common format where participants gather and use the time for self-study or self-work with occasional chats.

Written by Naoko Takano and Akira Tachibana


A screenshot of many of the participants on Zoom for the Kannada mini-translation event.

WordPress Translation Month (September 2021) started with ‘kn’ (Kannada) translation of WordPress 5.8.x at 31% and no recent activity. At the beginning of the month, two contributors (N. Suresh and V Gautham Navada) were added as GTEs for ‘kn’ locale. These two new GTEs immediately started approving the waiting strings and contributing some new ones.

Two local mini Translation Events were organized by the WordPress community of Karnataka, these events attracted a number of new contributors: mainly teachers & students from a high school where N. Suresha is a teacher. After the introduction to WordPress Translation and a short introduction on why WordPress translations are important, 9 new translators started contributing to ‘kn’ locale.

The result was awesome:

  • WordPress 5.8.x ‘kn’ translation went from 31% to 82% and ‘kn’ release was rolled out on September 27th, 2021.
  • The kn Rosetta site is now 90% translated.

Written by Yogesh Londhe


A screenshot from the TranslateWP Twitter account with information on the Malayalam locale's mini-translation event.


The banner for WordPress Kathmandu's mini-translation event.

The WordPress Kathmandu Meetup opened its doors to translators for any language on September 25, 2021 for its online event. New and existing polyglots worked together to translate WordPress into Nepali.


A screenshot of the TranslateWP Twitter account sharing the Tehran WordPress Meetup event for WordPress Translation Day.

The Tehran WordPress Meetup event translated into Persian / fa_IR. The teamed focused on helping new contributors and reviewing translations.


The Thai locale held a two-day event with:

  • Participants: 33 Contributors
  • Translating: +1,170 strings
  • Translators: 191 (+10) translation contributors
  • WordPress 5.8: 90% (+8) – package already released!
  • WooCommerce (Stable subproject): 68% (+8)

We had a great weekend working in collaboration together. It was great to see that many developers understand the importance of localization and who were willing to dedicate their time to contribute to translating WordPress projects.

Written by (Nok) Pantip Treerattanapitak


UK (English)

Translate WordPress into English slide and speaker Herb Miller.

English (UK) and a global translation sprint – held in Portsmouth

The event included a discussion on translating WordPress and why it’s is important, examples of how it is translated in other languages, and the sharing of tips and tools from other locales. There was an opportunity to set up accounts and the meetup will share opportunities to translate together some plugins in the coming months.

Written by Abha Thakor


Participants in the French mini-event on Zoom, presenting about WordPress translation.

The WPTD for the fr_FR locale took place on September 24, 2021, in a video conference and in the WordPress-Fr Slack.

We presented a slideshow of the status of the WordPress translations and statistics of all the locales. Then we explained how the fr_FR locale works, and the attendees introduced themselves. We then presented the Translate tool as well as the tools we recommend (GlotDict and SPTE). Then the attendees took part in a quiz about the translation of the WP interface, the 3 best scores received a prize from WeGlot.

Simultaneously, 15 projects were translated: 2 themes, 2 meta projects, and 11 plugins. For further details, see the full report (in French) and our slideshows: The WordPress French Translation Team (in French) and How to contribute to the translation of WP (in French).

Written by Jenny Dupuy


The banner for WordPress Translation Day 2021.

The local event in Berlin focused on welcoming new contributors and encouraging the completion of translations in specific areas.


The Greek community came together to celebrate 2021 with the main event on September 26 and opportunities to collaborate informally.

Watch the video from the Greek event (opens in a new tab).


The banner for the Italian locale's series of mini-events for WordPress Translation Day 2021.

The Italian locale held three mini-events on the 9, 16, and 23 of September 2021.

We started with a little presentation on Polyglots’ work and we proceeded with discussions on specific terms or problems or with answering questions from new people. We’ve had a new PTE, the Learn project is now 33% translated and growing, and we reviewed some plugin translations.

We also worked on Gutenberg, which is now 98%. It was a great opportunity to contribute together!

Written by Luisa Ravelli

Portuguese (Portugal)

The banner for the Portuguese locale's mini-event for WordPress Translation Day.

From the #WPTranslationsDay Portuguese Local Event on September 9, 2021:

  • Translation and review of http://learn.wp.org -> 34%
  • Review of some plugin translations
  • Some translation fixes on WordPress 5.8 core

After that meetup, we’ve already pushed the learn.wordpress.org project to 41% translated (and counting).

Written by Pedro Mendonça


A banner with information on the Bucharest WordPress Meetup mini-event.

At the WordPress Bucharest Meetup, a Romanian translation event was held to bring in new contributors and celebrate existing translations.


Information on the WordPress Moscow meetup for the Russian locale's mini event.

For the Russian event, the team translated WordPress plugins and themes in real-time using YouTube and Discord.


A screenshot from Twitter with information on the Belarussian WordPress Translation Day event.

The event featured a demonstration for translating WordPress plugins to Belarusian, and show and tell sessions on how to translate plugins and themes into your native language. 

South America

Portuguese (Brazil)

The Brazilian locale's banner for their WordPress Translation Day 2021 event.

The Portuguese (Brazil) locale held a 24-hour local event for new translation contributors to learn more about translating WordPress into Brazilian Portuguese on September 17 and 18, 2021.

Both days, the event started with a hangout for new and existing translation contributors to explain the process of translating and for a chat with others in the community. After, translations and guidance continued in the community’s local Slack.

WordCamps during the celebrations

A Twitter screenshot covering the Contributor Stories shared at WCUS and an impromptu translation session

A number of the WordCamps that took place around the WordPress Translation Day month had translation sessions and informal sharing of tips and advice. This even included a last-minute video call with contributors gathered for WordCamp US!

Resources were also promoted including information about contributing to the Polyglots team on the WordCamp Europe’s Contribute section and links to help locales get started with recruitment and promotions.

Thank you to Abha Thakor, Erica Varlese, Meher Bala, Yogesh Londhe, Nalini Thakor, Naoko Takano, Pooja Derashri and others for liaising with local events, and to Mary Baum, Femy Praseeth, Larissa Murillo for their additional support editing photographs and videos of local events for this and other celebrations.