Panel on Polyglots Tools: Learn translation pro-tips on September 19

The WordPress Translation Day Celebrations have been going on in full swing, as communities around the world continue to organize exciting local events. We are already in the middle of September, and it is time for another exciting part of our celebrations: WordPress Translation Day global events! Don’t forget, there are many ways to contribute to WordPress Translation Day this year – every contribution counts.

Have you ever been translating something and said, “I wish there were a tool for that”? That’s exactly what the speakers on the Panel on Polyglots Tools did! 

Learn more in the Panel on Polyglots Tools

On Sunday September 19, 2021 at 12:00 UTC (Google calendar | iCal)

Jesús Amieiro, Peter Smits, Vlad Timotei, and Vibgy Joseph have all created, developed, or contributed to tools and extensions that add-on to GlotPress to help translators and translation editors alike. During this session, they will share an introduction to these tools, their inspiration, and other pro-tips that help them translate WordPress into multiple languages. 

Want to check the tools out ahead of time? Below, you can find a link to each of the tools that will be discussed. Test things out, come with questions, or share other tools you love in the comments during the event!

Want to learn even more? The Polyglots Handbook has some additional tools and tips available for all locales. All are welcome to use them, test them, or, better yet, contribute to them!

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