Discover more on building translation communities on September 21

The WordPress Translation Day Celebrations have been going on in full swing, as communities around the world continue to organize exciting local events. We are already in the middle of September, and it is time for another exciting part of our celebrations: WordPress Translation Day global events! Don’t forget, there are many ways to contribute to WordPress Translation Day this year – every contribution counts.

Learn more about community building in the Panel on Open Source Translation Communities

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 11:00 UTC (Google calendar | iCal)

Translating WordPress is often about much more than just translating software. Polyglots are also meetup organizers, WordCamp speakers, forums volunteers, and more for their local communities. It’s a huge localization effort driven by passionate volunteers, all around the world.

The WordPress community is not alone in that endeavor! In our Panel on Open Source Translation Communities, we will hear from Michal Stanke, from Mozilla, and Satomi Tsujita, from Hyperledger Fabric, as they talk about the translation projects and communities they contribute to. They will be joined by long-term Polyglots contributors, Zé Fontainhas and Ali Darwich, who will share their experiences in the WordPress community as Locale Managers for Portuguese (Portugal) and Spanish (Mexico).

This is an exciting opportunity to learn from other community-driven translation projects. We’ll discover how other open source projects organize translations, the tools they use, and lessons they’ve learned from building online translation communities.

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