WPTD4: the recap.

WordPress Translation Day 4 is over. The 24-hour global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, plugins) has proven to be, once again, a great success.

The numbers below are self explanatory, and considering the fully volunteer-based organisation (and resources) and the rather short time we can’t help but considering also the 2019 edition of the global event that celebrates the Polyglots another huge success!

The team will take a short break, recoup, breathe (many of us are also preparing for #WCEU2019 in Berlin) but we are already working behind the scenes, getting together a lot of post-event content, and gearing up for WordPress Translation Day 5, in 2020.

Videos of the talks will soon be uploaded on wp.tv (and then pushed to YouTube) and we invite you all to help us make them as accessible as possible by spending some time subtitling them (thanks in advance!)

Once again, we will aim at outdoing ourselves again, with an even bigger, wider, and more interesting event, to further help the WordPress Polyglots Team grow and get better, so they can better fulfill their mission as user empowerers. We are also aiming at expanding the reach to include a wider range of topics.

We – the organizers – want to thank you all.

Your participation, your energy, your love, your enthusiasm is our propeller, and we invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming news on our social channels and here on this site.


WPTD4: the numbers.

here are some statistics for the day
Local events worldwide
Translated strings
Logged in users on GlotPress
New Translators
New PTEs
New GTEs
Locales impacted
Language packs created
Total number of projects modified
81 Local Events
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Country, City, Locale
Event Time: 17:26 - 10:00 UTC
Organizer: xkon