Why Translate WordPress?

Written by Rounak Ahmed (@rounak1 )

Imagine being able to contribute to something that is free, powers 28% of the web, and is also the no.1 Content Management System thus far?

Or better yet, imagine being able to play a part in making this tool more inclusive and accessible to all with a small percentage of your time, value-addition, and inputs. And also get recognized for it! Sounds great, isn’t it?!

So what are we talking about? WordPress. Of course.

WordPress is getting larger every day, along with an ecosystem of thousands of developers and coders constantly building new plugins, extensions, and themes. And even though it has more than 44000 plugins and billions of downloads already, which is ever growing, it also needs a good number of hands to be fully used (and useful) all over the world.

After all the WordPress mission is to bring users globally a publishing tool that is easy to use, accessible, and customizable to each and any need.

And what better way to add your value to this global platform than by translating WordPress in your languages?!

So why should you become a WordPress Polyglot?

With all the hype about #WPTranslationDay coming in on 30th September, we feel the need to share the benefits with our readers.

Here we bring some answers to the curious minds:

  • Be a part of something big
    You will be making contributions to a massive open source project that empowers about 28% of the web, is the no.1 CMS available, so far, and is growing so fast that it could potentially take over the web. This will also make you a part of the massive and super active WordPress Community, a global team that really rocks!. Imagine the recognition you will get and how noticeable your work will be!Even though the translation teams (and the WordPress community) are run by volunteers, when you make a significant contribution, your name will be recognized on the Polyglot teams and you may even receive badges on your profile. And this contribution at WordPress is something that you can take further in your career anywhere you go.
  • Add value in the right ways for the right reasons
    It’s something as big as Wikipedia. Every open source/free software project needs good hands that consistently help it to grow. WordPress, too, needs volunteers who can invest their time and valuable knowledge to translate the software, write codes, design graphics, write documentation, and provide support. Ultimately, it’s all for a better experience for all WordPress users, and for the larger digital world.
  • Help your community learn, grow, and flourish
    You will be helping your community! Think about the number of people from your local area who will benefit from your translation of the WordPress software. Perhaps immense, right!? You could even translate to the language version that is spoken in your country.Think also about all the uniqueness you can bring to the table with your edition of a translation, which could be more updated, modern and advanced than the previous ones. And if there are no previous translations, you can make a fresh start, and you will be the pioneer who will have begun the localization of WordPress in a unique local language!
  • Introduce and help global learners with your translation
    You will be empowering many non-English speakers in three big ways:

    1. Your translation will introduce them to a powerful platform and possibly Intrigue them to learn more about how to make the best use of it.
    2. Access to the WordPress ecosystem will allow non-English speakers to take advantage of the opportunity to build websites and blogs for their business and activities, as well as inspire coders and developers to produce more themes and plugins, maybe to address local issues.
    3. You would be offering respite to those who prefer to use the software in their own language rather than in English.
  • Network with people with the same interests and beyond
    You will get to know and work with people who are from your area as well as people from other countries who work on the same line and with the same interests as you. This could be the single most important benefit, especially if you are just starting off your career in WordPress. Many teams start with the more objective of translating WordPress and evolve into a full-fledged community, organizing meetups and sometimes even WordCamps. Socialize and network, build more contacts for your own future endeavors: this will help you tremendously both in and out of work, as well as help, provide better translations, more efficiently and higher in quality.
  • Increase your knowledge base & enhance your skills
    As you browse through other popular software and services, you will be gaining more strength in your intercultural communication. It will enrich your cultural knowledge on the target and source languages. In addition, it will force you to challenge your reading and comprehension, language and writing skills. It will also improve your translation expertise as you figure out the interaction between two languages. So this is a great platform to utilize your language skills.
  • Work with a seamless platform
    Your contribution doesn’t end just with translation. Every time you release a new version of your translation, your users are offered an upgrade in their dashboards. What’s more? This is featured as an automatic update for all WordPress sites that are using your language. So you won’t even have to manually inform every user about your new version!

The Global WordPress Translation Day is a great opportunity for you to join other WordPress lovers in your local community, and to learn more about the platform and translating WordPress.



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