Saurabh Shukla, Chandra Patel, Alexander Gounder, Swapnil Patil

Saurabh is a WordPress educator, developer, community organiser and GTE for Hindi with over a decade of working with WordPress. I have been working to mobilise the community to get WordPress translated to as many Indian languages as possible. We’ve tasted some success in recent years with 100% complete translations in Hindi and Marathi. For the last couple of years, I’ve been working to initiate a styleguide and glossary to standardise the quality of translations to make it usable for native speakers of local Indian languages who don’t use WordPress because it’s still not very usable in their language.

Chandra fell in love with WordPress in 2014 while freelancing as a web developer and has grown since then to become a regular Core contributor, General Translation Editor for Gujarati, and has contributed to WordPress Meta projects. He is a VP of Engineering at rtCamp and also lead their internal training program. Over the years, he has developed a love for learning, and hopes to learn WordPress ever more “deeply”. You can catch him reading, watching movies and exploring the city over the weekends.

Alexander is an SEO / SEM, Internet Marketer with a wide variety of work experience across industries and domains like Films, TV Production, Customer Service, Politics, Government Operations, Press Relations, Graphic & Web Design to finally Internet Marketing & SEO. For the last four to five years he has been involved with the Indian WordPress Community which has helped him use WordPress for his clients better. He’s often seen ranting about politics on Twitter.

Swapnil started his WordPress journey back in Jan 2014; his passion for WordPress started at the college itself. He hasn’t look back after that, having enjoyed each moment of his professional life. He got immense happiness in giving back the community, by co-organizing WordCamp Pune, publishing a couple of plugins, being a Locale Manager for Marathi WordPress Project, and contributing to the core WordPress recently. Currently, he is Freelancing, mainly concentrating on WordPress, He is also GTE for Marathi WordPress project.


Working towards Style Guides for Indian Languages

After 2 years of talking about it irregularly, a couple of polyglots from different languages kickstarted a public discussion and initiative to create style guides to improve the quality and usability of local translations. This panel discussion will highlight the steps they are taking and the strategies in place. We'll also talk about how everyone could get involved in the initiative to make WordPress usable and popular in Indian languages and reach a larger untapped audience. I'll be having a couple of community organizers and GTEs involved in this process for this discussion.
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