Naoko Takano, Akira Tachibana and Mayo Moriyama

Naoko is a Japanese GTE & Locale Manager. She is also a part of Team Global at Automattic, which facilitates internationalization and localization of and other products. She has been involved in the Japanese WordPress community since 2003, contributing in the areas of translation, documentation, and community organization.

Akira is IT Engineer in Tokyo. He is a member of WordPress Documentation Team and leader of Gutenberg Codex pages. Since 2015, he has been translating Codex or Handbooks, and will share those experiences in the Translation Day.

Mayo is a travelholic freelance front-end engineer from Japan, where almost 80% of CMS websites use WordPress. She started her career in Cambodia helping the tourism industry and NGOs in building and creating their web sites. In 2013, she returned to Tokyo and joined the local WordPress community, became translator, Meetup organizer and lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2014.

How to make your strings translator-friendly

This panel discussion shows how to avoid strings that are difficult or impossible to translate, so that your product is more likely to be fully translated.
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