Global WordPress Translation Day 2 - November 12th, 2016

Global WordPress Translation Day 2 - November 12th, 2016

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Everything You Need To Know

About Global WordPress Translation Day

Global WordPress Translation Day is 1 full day dedicated to bringing WordPress to more people around the world. 24 hours of live training sessions on WordPress i18n & L10n.


Global WordPress Translation Day will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Live sessions start at 0:00 UTC and local events start in different times depending on time zone.


Live sessions about WordPress in different languages right here on this site. During Global WordPress Translation Day there will be more than 30 contributor events organised in 20+ countries. Join us!


Watch live sessions and participate real time with questions and opinions right here on this site via Crowdcast. Or check if one of the 30+ events organised globally is near you. In both cases, don't miss the live sessions and join the conversation.


Because we love WordPress and we want it to be accessible for more people in more languages! And because we want to show you how to make that happen. Find your language and start translating!

What is this UTC+0 you speak of?!


Since people will be tuning in to WordPress Global Translation Day from all over the globe we needed a way to standardize the time.

When Does The Event Start for You?

A Kick-Ass


0:00 UTC - Live Now Opening remarks + Introduction to the WordPress Polyglots team – what we do, how we work, roles, processes with Petya Raykovska, Naoko Takano
15:00 UTC - Live Now GlotDict, PTE-Bot and BulkRejectGP with Daniele Scasciafratte, developer, author of GlotDict
17:00 - 19:00 UTC - Live Now How translations work in WordPress with Dominic Schilling, WordPress Core Committer and Polyglots Technical team lead
19:00 UTC - Live Now Why your community needs a glossary with Daniele Scasciafratte, developer, author of GlotDict
20:00 UTC - Live Now Internationalization Improvements in WordPress 4.6 and Beyond with Pascal Birchler, WordPress Core Committer
23:00 UTC - Live Now Closing remarks & recap with Petya Raykovska

We told you it was kick-ass!

Everyone loves it!

People from all over the world already translate WordPress

  • 東京からこんにちは。We translate WordPress in Japanese. Join us!

    Naoko Takano, Tokyo, Japan
  • À Paris, on traduit WordPress depuis 12 ans. Et maintenant, c’est à vous.

    In Paris, we’ve been translating WordPress for 12 years. And now, it’s your turn.


    Xavier Borderie, Paris, France
  • “Vanuit Nederland zeg ik, hallo wereld!”

    Hello world, from the Netherlands!

    Marcel Bootsman
  • Salutare lume, din ROmânia!

    Hello world from Romania!

    Adrian Pop, Romania
  • Привет, мир! Ростов-на-Дону, Россия.

    Sergey Biryukov, Russia, Rostov-on-Don
  • “Ciao mondo, qui Milano, Italia”

    Paolo Valenti, Milan, Italy
  • हम वर्डप्रेस का हिंदी में अनुवाद करते हैं!

    We translate WordPress in Hindi!

    Gagan Deep Singh, Pune, India
Awesome People are already translating to more than 160 languages!

From All Over the World

De Finance Anne

    Nicola Mostallino

      Arthur Ozerov


          Chablau 123

            Alex Bazalii

              Mhmed Ahmed

                Naser Aslani

                  Alena Kukuľová

                    Wistanley Oliveira

                      Олег Молодецкий

                        Nafas Ihsan

                          Igor Agafonov

                            Francesca Marano

                              Lukas Mutch

                                Pedro Mendonça

                                  Miguel Gonzalez Diaz

                                    Yana Dimitrova

                                      Mohammad Askari

                                        Thomas Mennen

                                          Badboy 7

                                            Nehemías Nehiel Vicencio García

                                              Adriana Dreves

                                                Kazama :)

                                                  ปนัดดา นนทะวงษ์

                                                    Chiaki Nanase

                                                      Mustafa Uysal

                                                        Selçuk Ballı

                                                          Cansu Akbaba

                                                            Ed Ed

                                                              George Hatz

                                                                Kent Kao

                                                                  Sergey Kovalets

                                                                    FengDan Li

                                                                      Zornitca Ivanova

                                                                        Vladislav Vladimirov

                                                                          Yousef Fatomi

                                                                            Usman Iqbal

                                                                              Emmanuel Lah

                                                                                Mostafa Darabi

                                                                                  Carlos Monzón

                                                                                    Yoav Farhi

                                                                                      Torben Hecksher

                                                                                        Pantip Treerattanapitak

                                                                                          Arun Manjhi

                                                                                            Alessia Nalin

                                                                                              Mariusz Szatkowski

                                                                                                Mohammad Amin Khasteh

                                                                                                  Esteban Cuevas

                                                                                                    Juan Hernando

                                                                                                      That's just a few. There are over 996 of them!

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